Grieta Gilchrist


Grieta is a native New Mexican and a third-generation Albuquerque High School graduate.  She has been practicing law in New Mexico since 2005 and her practice focuses on estate planning, wealth transfer, and asset protection.  Grieta develops lifelong relationships with her clients, serving as a trusted advisor to them and their families.  She provides education and guidance to individuals and families for their estate planning needs so that each individual and family can design a plan that will work for their unique situation. 

Grieta received her Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico in 2000.  After working as a research engineer for a 3-D rapid prototyping company, Grieta and her husband returned to New Mexico in 2002 so that she could start her law degree at the University of New Mexico School of Law.  While in she was in second year of law school, Grieta and her husband welcomed their first child, Duncan.

After law school, Grieta worked in litigation, both on the defense and on the plaintiff’s side.  As a young mother with three young children (Grady and Ingrid, Duncan’s younger siblings), Grieta struggled with the balancing of the practice of law and the demands of a young family.  In seeking a way to create lasting relationships with her clients and more time with her family, Grieta opened her law firm.  She started her law firm with the desire to help growing families with their needs.

Grieta and her husband, Dooley, are the proud parents of three children, two boys and a girl.  The family keeps busy with soccer, skiing and traveling, two dogs and a cat.  Grieta has designed a plan that will work for her family and can offer her unique insight and perspective to her clients as they do the same for their families.   

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