Planning for Everyone You Love & Everything You Have

Do you know what will happen legally – to you, your loved ones, your money and everything else you care about – if something unexpected happens to you?

If you don’t know what would happen if you were to die or become incapacitated without a plan (or an outdated plan), your first step is to find out what would happen so then you can make an educated decision about whether you would like to keep status quo in place.

Estate Planning

I Can Help You with Estate Planning

I conduct a Family Wealth Planning Session, where we spend time together and you will learn about what would happen with your current plan in place.  Before the Family Wealth Planning Session, you will need to complete your homework, a Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment.  This Inventory and Assessment will help you get clear about what you own and how you would like to plan for the well-being and care of your loved ones. 

If you decide that your current plan, or what would happen, is unacceptable and if we decide that it’s a good fit to work together, we will then, together, design an estate plan that will best meet the needs and goals of your family. 

The foundation of your estate plan will often include a revocable living trust; you transfer your property into this trust for your benefit during your life.  One of the benefits of a revocable living trust is that, when done correctly and maintained over time, your estate plan should help your family to avid the cost and delay of probate and minimize and eliminate estate taxes. 

Unfortunately, even if you have a plan in place, many plans don’t work because they are little more than word processing.  You are asked for a few questions and then the drafter decides which “plan” is right for you and fits you into the estate plan template.  You are then sent on your way with a form document.  This not what I mean by estate planning!

When looking to protect your children, the well-being of your family, and the preservation of legacy, your estate plan should be much more than form documents.  You and your loved ones deserve more. 

I will take the time to get know you, your family, your concerns, your goals and your issues.  I will take the time to educate you about can and will happen when you die.  I will gladly answer all of your questions to produce an estate plan that is right for you and will work when you need it to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict.

I am interested in forming a relationship with you and your family.  We are NOT in the business of merely creating documents for you sign.  We know that life changes; your assets, your family and your goals will all change and for an estate plan to provide the protection you seek, the plan will need to change and grow with you. 

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I look forward to getting to know you, and keeping your family out of court and out of conflict.

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