Estate Planning for Families

Hi, it’s Grieta and I am excited to invite to my first estate planning newsletter.  As some of you may know, I recently opened my own law firm and I am excited to help families with planning for their future. 

This is not going to be a typical, boring newsletter that you’ll just delete without even opening it.  Instead, you can expect every newsletter you receive to open your eyes to something that will help you face an issue that you’ve possibly been avoiding – like your death, taxes, or family conflict.  Speaking from experience, once you face these issues, your life will become immeasurably better. 

For example, years ago, Dooley and I had an opportunity to travel to Spain without our (then!) young boys.  Almost as an afterthought, we decided we should get some estate planning documents in place – including naming guardians for our children in the unthinkable event we did not make it back from our trip.  The guardian we named lived out of state and I didn’t realize until we were on the plane that our children would still be taken out of our home and into the custody of strangers while the authorities figured out where our paperwork was and how to locate our out of state guardian – if we didn’t make it back.

I was horrified that our plan for our children would not work when it was actually needed. Moreover, although our will provided that our assets would go to our children (6 and 3) at the time, there were no instructions how to manage the assets until they reached the age and worse yet, the assets would have been distributed out right to our children when they turned 18. 

I didn’t fix my plan, however.  It was too easy to ignore, to difficult to deal with.  I realized though that I was leaving a big mess for my family and my kids and that wasn’t how I wanted to leave things.  Once I faced the issues and put a plan in place that I knew would work when it was needed, the relief I felt was so freeing. 

So, to that end, please open my newsletters and share them with your family and friends that you love. 

P.S. – Estate planning is not only for rich people!  It’s for any adult who would leave behind people they love when they die and don’t want to leave a big mess for others to clean up.

Once your estate plan is in place, you will . . .

  • Have chosen the right guardians for your kids;
  • Know that your financial house is in order;
  • Know that your making sound financial choices about things like saving for college, keeping your money safe, and buying life insurance;
  • Ensure your kids and spouse are prepared for life without you;
  • Know that you are leaving your loved ones a gift far greater than money.

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