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As your family lawyer, my goal is to help you draft an estate plan that fits your life.  I work together with you to create an inventory of your assets and your family situation.  I provide plan options that will be a good fit for you based on your assessment.  I help you select the best options that will work for you and your family.  I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process.  It is my goal that you have the best possible wealth and management plan.  A plan that secures and protects the future of your family.

Your Family’s Personal Estate Planning Lawyer for Life

No one wants to think about planning for their death.  Raising a family and having a career takes time and energy.  It is hard to devote precious time and energy to an unpleasant task.  Even so, an estate plan is important and necessary.  A good estate plan protects your loved ones.  It helps secure their future.  As Benjamin Franklin observed, a failure to plan is planning to fail.

A failure to plan can be a complete lack of a plan.  An outdated estate plan or one that is not well executed can also be a failure.  A growing family experiences a lot of change over time.  Your career and financial status change over time.  Your estate plan should also change to keep up with your current circumstances.  We set up a schedule for addressing life changes to keep your plan current.

Helping families is my passion.  You are busy.  Your family is growing and changing.  You are working for a life of prosperity.  You value ease, convenience, and efficiency.  You want the best for your family.  I can help you make the best decision for your unique situation. I work with you to consider all aspects of your situation.

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